The Reasons I Decided to Go Back to School.

Topics: Teacher, Education, Master's degree Pages: 1 (451 words) Published: January 30, 2010
The reasons I decided to go back to school are various.

One, even though I do have my masters degree, unfortunately along with that degree I did not have my teaching certificate. In order for me to be able to teach in State of Iowa, I needed to complete the certification. This will undoubtedly open the doors for more opportunities and able to broaden my horizons. Two, learn and learn more. Learning is without a doubt is endless and never stops. I want to learn more and to remain current with the new technology associated with the profession and to expand my ability to teach. In order to teach I must know what and how to teach it. In order to teach effectively, I must know it deeply well. Teaching requires more than knowing how to teach, although that is important. Above all, teaching requires learning itself and, if possible under the demanding conditions that face so many teachers it requires mastery of a subject and the profession. I want to make sure I master the art of the profession and be able to independently and confidently move comfortably in that environment be it in the classroom or on a sports field. I also want and try to understand good teaching whenever and however it occurs. Finally, just like in the coaching profession, I’ll get the chance to inspire students/athletes to be the best. I'll be able to provide positive direction in their lives. Choosing to become a teacher is not a light decision. It takes years to learn to build the right tone in a class, and equip the room sensibly, to develop an eye for children in trouble, to know how to support students and how to make demands on them without oppressing them, to know when to add something new or step back and leave he children alone. I enjoy being around kids. One of my strength as a coach is the awesome rapport I do have with my athletes and for me to able to teach in the classroom setting would be tremendous in guiding students through the competitive and learning experiences hopefully...
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