The Reasons Why the World's Languages Are Disappearing

Topics: Reason, Language, Evolution, Second language, Extinction, Animal / Pages: 2 (432 words) / Published: Mar 30th, 2011
Fachry Ihdam Alhamdani
Topic: The reasons why the world’s languages are disappearing
Language is everything; because language is a part of culture which is inseparable with human’s life. People speak by their language regardless of what language they use. There are more than 60.000 languages which do exist in the world; but unfortunately nowadays every fortnight, a language dies; more than half of the world’s languages are in danger; and by the end of this century it is going to disappear completely. The pace of the languages extinctions are faster than the extinction of flora and fauna. The proof is in the last 5 centuries, an estimated half of the world’s languages have become extinct; but now language does not even need much longer period to become extinct; a century and it will be done.
The primary reason as to why the world’s languages are disappearing is it has no longer speakers. Research proved that for the minor language, only a few people speak. Ironically, what research means by minor is the local languages; in fact there are much more languages that is considered as minor or local rather than the major. It means that there are lots of languages which potentially extinct.
Next, the second reason is the languages are considered old-fashioned. Moreover, some societies are surrounded by people who speak more common language. Therefore, those societies decide to leave their mother tongue because it is some kind of disgrace of still speaking it in the middle of the society who speak more modern languages.
The third one, it is because of natural disaster. It just disappeared instantly. People died and also the language. Therefore there is nobody who can spread the language; because they themselves as the native speakers died. Reason number four is because of the complexity. People hate learning a difficult language; lots of minor and local languages have a high complexity as of finally people do not want to learn it and by doing so,

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