The Reason for Practical Life Execises

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The activities performed in the practical life area helps the child to develop in several areas. The practical life area teaches skills that a child would need for later development. The skills used for basic pegging uses the same muscles and grip that a child would use for holding a pencil and writing. Dressing frames teach the child how to button and unbutton , tie laces and strap Velcro which the child later uses to dress themselves and in turn helps the child to gain independence. These skills help the child to gain independence and builds their self-confidence. The child learns to co-ordinate their movements and learns to observe as the materials are self correcting. The child becomes independent as he does not need the directress to check his work. The child’s hand to eye co-ordination is also used to perfect his work. His self-esteem remains un-hurt by the directress who does not need to correct him as the practical life `activities are self-correcting.

Function of teacher
The directress or the teacher’s role within the practical life environment is to prepare the environment so that the child finds it attractive and inviting. The practical life area requires great amounts of preparation. Although a prepared environment may differ from school to school the basic elements are adhered to. The directress would follow these guidelines:

Each activity teaches a skill that the child would use in real life. Each item is real (real glass is used) and can be broken if not cared for correctly. Each item is to a child scale. (brooms are child-sized , ears of jugs are small to allow child to manipulate them , trays are small and ideal for small hands) All the items used for the activity are stored together on one tray (e.g.: pouring exercises should contain two jugs on one tray along with the pouring medium). The items that a child would use to clean-up if he has spilt something should be easily accessible. The trays and shelves must be neat and tidy. The use...
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