The Realization of Special Education

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The Realization of Special Education

Being in a public school, I was around many types of people, but my first encounter with a special needs kid took me by surprise. I never truly understood why these kids talked the way they did or why they always got help. As I grew older, I also grew curious about these kids. I wanted to know why they had these disabilities and how it affects them with trying to learn. But in order to answer those questions I had to figure out what exactly special education was.

Special Education is a program in schools that are designed to benefit kids with special needs, whether it is helping kids who have dyslexia who need help reading, or kids who have a form of a mental disability who might need an adjustment to their curriculum. Having this program gives these students, who can’t learn in a typical classroom, a place to go so that they can concentrate on their work and to also get the one on one help they need. I’ve observed kids with special needs and I found that there are different ways they teach kids with learning disabilities, I observed Inclusion, Mainstreaming, and Segregation (Anonymous).

Inclusion is where the students, who have a disability such as dyslexia, can stay in a classroom most of the day with students who don’t have a disability. These students may only need to leave the classroom and go to another class where they can receive the help they need with their work that they can’t get in the regular classroom setting.

The kids who take regular and special education classes use the second form called mainstreaming, which allows the disabled and non-disabled to interact socially. Experiencing this form first handily, I can say that it really makes a difference in the way the disabled kids act (Anonymous). By allowing them to be around the “normal” students instead of in one room during the day, it makes them more sociable, and makes them feel better about themselves. Mainstreaming also allows the non-disabled...

Cited: "Anonymous." Personal Observation. March 3, 2011
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