The Real Life of T.I.

Topics: Rapping, T.I., Lil Wayne Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: October 28, 2008
The Real Life of T.I.
Rap music has become popular among teens since the 1990's. Teens listen to rap because they like the beat and lyrics. Many teens in inner cities relate to rap music because it shows life in the real world. The successful reality rapper, T.I. aka Clifford Harris, has risen to the top of the rap scene by appealing to teens who desire to be rich and famous. Although his career has been tumultuous, he has reached fame through hard work and dedication to helping others see the horrific situations in inner cities.

Although T.I. has been very successful in rapping, he has had many struggles throughout his career. In November of 1997 in Cobb County, Clifford Harris was charged with distribution of cocaine, manufacturing and distributing a controlled substance, and giving authorities a false name. He was placed on probation for these charges. He violated his probation and was sentenced to three years in prison. He did one year and was able to apply for a work release program. Even though T.I. got himself into all this trouble, he somehow overcame it.

Despite his troubles in the rap business, some of his earlier records did not do very well; however, T.I. gradually came up into his fame. Then he became one of the greatest and most successful rappers during 2003. The song that made him become famous in 2003 was "24's." T.I.'s latest record which was released in 2006 was THE KING. This record went platinum; it came out about the same time as the movie ATL. This album and movie is where a lot of his fame came. In a lot of T.I.'s albums he calls himself the KING of the south. A lot of other rappers have a very big problem with that. That is where he got himself into trouble. About a year ago, T.I. won a fist fight with Lil Flip outside of a concert. This is why T.I. is very cocky. All these problems forced he and his personal assistant into a shooting, which his personal assistant Philant Johnson died. Philant Johnson was T.I.'s childhood...
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