The Real Jack Merridew

Topics: Selfishness, Narcissism, Lost Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: August 4, 2013
The Real Jack Merridew
Who is the real Jack Merridew? Is he the compassionate, merciful, humanitarian leader the media portrays him as? I am completely certain that the answer to that question is no. You may be wondering how I can possibly be sure of this, let me explain and unravel the truth about Mr. Merridew. Several years ago, following a disastrous turn of events, I was left stranded on an uninhabited island with none other than Jack himself. After analysing our situation, I thought it would be rational to elect a leader, to ensure that the rules of civilisation still apply to us and that we would not descend to savagery.I could not have been more wrong. I was elected leader of the group and made my main goal surviving and attempting to be rescued. But Jack did not agree with this decision. He was one of the only boys to vote against my authority, along with his choirboys who he lead in mutiny against my leadership. He saw himself as the perfect potential leader as he 'was head boy and chapter chorister' and was completely incapable of understanding why the boys did not elect him as 'chief'', though it was highly obvious. He was totally absorbed in hunting and preferred its savage reward of meat to domestic order and the rules of civilisation. His attempt to dominate the group was the sole reason for the savagery on the island. His short- sighted, selfish, imprudent actions resulted in the death of three innocent children! These flaws and mistakes are unforgivable! Could you sleep at night knowing that your country is in the hands of a murderer? A cold-blooded killer? I believe that the rest of Britain would agree with me in saying that the next Prime Minister should be someone who is constantly focused on the good of the country and its people, and solely aims to benefit them. Jack is not this person. He has no intentions of providing security! He only wants power to revel in it, and will use it to violate the rights of all humans under his control. He...
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