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The Real All Americans

By the1uhate Dec 18, 2009 401 Words
Life is indeed a challenge. Throughout history, many individuals have suffered in ways that most couldn't even fathom. Minorities and other ethnic backgrounds have had many obstacles they had to overcome in order to be respected and survive in their rural area. One of these cultures was the Native-Americans. The oppressive behaviors that were aimed towards Native-Americans forced them to retaliate to war against the "White" Americans to fight for their land that was abruptly taken from them. The Native Americans were forced out of their native lands, as shown in the novel The Real All Americans by: Sally Jenkins. She uncovers the many wrong doings that the natives endured during the colonization of what we know now as the United States. The Natives became aggravated with the way they we being treated and decided to fight back. This resulted in many small wars between the white Americans and the Indians. They wanted so badly to earn the respect the so bad deserved. There were a select few Americans that thought it would be beneficial for Native Americans to be educated and to learn proper educates. Richard Henry Pratt was one of those people who shared those views. As a decorated lieutenant in the U.S Army he argued for a school(The Real All Americans pg 30). This school would be called Carlisle this school was built to educate native prisoners. It thought natives the tools that they would need to be able to function in society. The novel was very influential to me because of some of the things that I went through in my life. During my senior year of high school my football team won a Class A championship. During the season we went through many ups and downs many disappointments and many wars on the football field. Through all of this everyone thought we weren’t good enough to win. At the end of our season we won the championship we proved everyone wrong and we showed them that we deserved what we worked so hard for(The Real All Americans pg 104). The Native Americans Have been mistreated for years and it is still happening still today. The book The Real All Americans by: Sally Jenkins. Showed this and put it into context. Sports played a big role in making the Natives gain the respect and be able to function in society

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