The Reactions After Bac II Examination in Cambodia

Pages: 1 (556 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Reaction after BacII examination
Phnom Penh
The 2014 BACII examination had already progressed smoothly under the comprehensive reformation of the Ministry of Youth Education and Sport, which conveyed a very surprised result to the nation. Among the nine hundred thousand candidates, only 200,000 made it during the examination, which equated to twenty five percent. The MoYES and the ACU (Anti-Corruption Unit) had cooperated very well to observe this examination in order to secure fairness and quality. The minister of MoYES, H.E Hang Chuon Naron, claimed that, “This comprehensive reformation is to secure and to enhance the education quality in Cambodia! For those who put all of their efforts to study, they shall pass! “. At the examination center in Phnom Penh, the ACU had provided the observers, which some of them were the voluntary students from other institutions, to observe the process of the examination. They were the witnesses to prove that the examination is implementing fairly and corruption-free. As a result, it has shown that the education system in Cambodia is still in a low condition and not so many students are qualified to this final examination. To compensate the effect of this reformation, H.E Hang Chuon Naron claimed that there will be the 2nd examination for those who have failed. This request is also supported by Prime Minister Hun Sen. According to the perspective of a teacher in a high school in the local, “It is the right time to change the old education system and examination system. In the past, corruption was likely to become a habit to those candidates when they came to take the examination “. “I also feel so sorry for those students who did not catch up with the reformation or they were not yet able to be qualified for the exam, but it is a pleasure to hear that those students still have their 2nd chance, “he added. Speaking resentfully, a student who failed the exam said that, “I think it is not the right time yet to do that, it is...
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