The Rape of Nanking

Topics: World War II, Nanking Massacre, Imperial Japanese Army Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Teandra Richards
Professor Neddy D. McMills
English 101. 0814
October, 11, 2011 The Rape of Nanking

Although Japan’s history and culture fuel its army’s brutality, china’s lack of awareness, preparedness and leadership contributed to Nanking’s overwhelming defeat. The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang is also referred to as the forgotten holocaust of World War 2 this is a story taken from three different perspectives.

Why after centuries of futile destruction, does man persist in waging war? In the non-fiction work-tron, by Iris Chang, the author chronicles the events of Nanking’s devastation in the winter of 1937-38. The Story will represent tragic tales from the view point of a Japanese soldier, the Chinese, and the westerners.

The Japanese cultural belief system contributes a lot to the brutal killings which occurred in Nanking and other parts of Asia, Shintoism: the indigenous religion of Japan consisting chiefly in the cultic devotion, to deities of natural forces and veneration of the Emperor as a descendant of the sun goddess. ( which leads researcher’s to the assumption that the Japanese are so far gone and brain washed; they are less humane than other cultures: “an implication I find both impossible and condescending” (I. Chang 55). The Japanese Army had cultural beliefs that were deeply rooted, unethical and inhumane, this is all they know and practice.

There is no excuse for the actions of Japan’s army: “Bushido the (“Way of the Warrior”). To die in the service of one’s lord was the greatest honor a samurai warrior could achieve in his lifetime. Such codes of honor were certainly not invented by Japanese culture” (I. Chang 20). Large contributions to their brutal actions are from negative reinforcements. These Japanese soldiers endured inhumane treatment in training of becoming soldiers. The Japanese refer to this as Bentatsu....
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