the rape of nanking

Topics: Kill, Short story, William Tecumseh Sherman Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: October 15, 2013
 “The Sniper”

Why, after centuries of furtile destruction, does a man persist in waging war? In the short story “The Sniper” by Liam O’ Flaherty, the author focuses on the Irish civil war of the 1920’s. On a Dublin roof, a republican sniper struggles to destroy his enemy. Although the sniper is an experienced and ingenious combatant, the story’s author outcome clearly conveys an anti-war theme. A general Sherman observed, “War is hell.” In the short story, the sniper is a practiced soldier at war: he has the eyes at a man who is used to looking at death. (O’ Flaherty1) He has the witnessed of great destruction in battle. The sniper, an experienced and brave soldier is fighting in the civil war to kill his enemy and save his country. The sniper is on the Republican’s side located on the rooftop of a building where the O’Connell Bridge is in sight. The protagonist in this story is indeed the sniper because he is the reoccurring character in the story and is seen throughout the whole plot. The central conflict in this story is that a short battle is taking place in Dublin with bullets firing everywhere. The story shows the sniper was a well-trained soldier. The author also describes the long experience as a soldier by citing different abilities. For example, “the flash might be seen in darkness and there were enemies watching”. It means that the sniper was very cautions and he knew that lighting the cigarette was a risk because of the flash. However, this was a dangerous situation for him because he put himself at risk. Through the descriptions of his actions, the sniper was only concentrated on killing his enemy. Moreover, the enemy tried several times to kill the sniper, after the first shot, the enemy though that he had killed the republican sniper. At the other side of the street, the republican dropped his rifle on the floor, and then he sank his body into the roof. This action made the enemy though that the sniper was dead; however, the republican...
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