The Rainbow Fish Research Paper
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One of the most memorable books of my childhood is called “The Rainbow Fish”. In kindergarten, we read this book almost every day. I don’t know why I liked this particular book so much. Was it the colorful pattern the book cover had? I just don’t know. I thought this book was the most amazing book I ever heard of. When I think of this book, I think about how my teacher helped me and my classmates learn how to read better with this book. My literacy experience started at home. Every one can’t say the same. Sitting in bed every night, waiting on my mother to come tuck me in and read me a bedtime stories. When she finally came, she would walk towards my bookshelf to grab a particular book every night. I never knew what it was called, but I know …show more content…
In every one of those books, there would always be a moral to the stories. Whether it would be honestly, judgement, or taking responsibility. I would always gain value from the stories, which it has brought me to be the person I am today.
A lot of books I can remember reading made my childhood so great. Growing up as a child, going to the library was one of my most favorite hobbies to do. My mother would always take me there and she would read to me anything from Junie B. Jones to Arthur books, Dr. Seuss, Charlottes’ Web. Dr. Seuss was one of my most favorites. Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham will always be a childhood favorite. At the library, my mother would read word by word very slowly to make sure I’d understand what she was reading. Age 3-5, I would take part in a summer program at the library that involves reading. The volunteers who were
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Writing in college is much different because you have to be more structured and formal. College writing comes with expanded vocabulary and going into more detail about what you are writing. I learned this the first week. If I didn’t know how to read and write where would I be? Nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. As of today my literacy skills can improve, and I’m working on that today. Literacy is a big part of life and you will come so successful doing this. Looking back into my middle and the beginning of my high school years I wish I had read more and wrote things more and I could be even more successful. I look at myself now and I see how far I have become as a reader and

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