The Raging Quiet

Topics: Family, Sibling, Marriage Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Sherryl Jordan’s “The Raging Quiet” is a story set in pre-industrial Ireland, following a young woman named Marnie, and her arduous journey to find her place in the world. Throughout the novel, we vividly experience Marnie as an individual, and explore the self contained yet powerful and stubborn aspects of her personality.

At the beginning of the novel we are introduced to Marnie, the quiet eldest sister of a large family of tenant farmers. After a freak accident, her father becomes paralyzed and consequently loses his title as overseer of the farm. As a result, Marnie is forced by the new overseer to endure unreasonably long hours of heavy labour, in order for her family to retain residence of the home. This is an example of Marnie keeping to herself without complaint for benefit of her family.

Eventually the overseer frames Marnie in an attempt to banish her and her family from the house. Marnie’s only option is to marry the youngest son of the landlord and move to a run down home in a faraway village. Soon after they arrive, the bridegroom falls to an untimely death in the process of thatching the roof of their cottage. We meet a powerful side of Marnie we have not yet experienced when members of the village accuse her of murder and witchery. Regardless of the recent events in Marnie’s life, and with the help of the local priest, she fights to prove the locals otherwise and is eventually accepted as innocent to do as she pleases.

One of Marnie’s very interesting traits is the stubbornness she shows when the brother of Marnie’s recently deceased husband- Sir Peirce Issurewood, claims ownership over Marnie’s land. She does everything in her power to retain the property for herself, and eventually wins.

From the very start of the book, we watch Marnie’s character mature from a seldom spoken young girl, into the stubborn, self accomplished woman we can all relate to. I believe that Marnie’s presents in the story is very important to keep the reader...
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