The radical revolution

Topics: Mass media, Violence, Aggression Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: October 26, 2014
A lot of research is being done on mass media's effect on its audience, which has sparked up a lot of controversy. As technology is becoming more advanced, new methods of uncovering medias effect on society has emerged. Within society today the media plays a role in not just entertaining but informing various audiences. With its assortment of different mediums, ranging from television to print, and with over half the worlds population being subject to a form of media at some point. It is fair to say that such an important aspect of our lives would ultimately determine, influence and hAve an impact on are views and decisions. In both articles it breaks down the different research and methods of analyzing mass media and crime related behavior. Though both studies provide valid research, it also shows different opinions on mass media and violence. The studies in effects of verbally violent film content have many benefits, one being the consistency throughout each study. The tests and studies show that exposure to aggressive behavior will increase physchologicsk and emotional arousal, which will increase the probability of violence. In other words, the studies show that violent behavior get the adrenaline juices flowing within us and when we see this behavior in the media we are tempted to recreate or react this behavior. Watching violent behavior in the media does not mean it will make society violent individuals, but it will increase the chances of them engaging in violent activity. The tests in this passage state that the way in which violence is presented will have an impact on us. If we can relate to the protagonist committing the crime or if the violence is presented in a justifiable way, we can be led to violent behavior. Watching violent media will teach you new ways to be violent. The downfall of these studies is that the research and tests given were practiced on male college students and in a laboratory environment as opposed to real life. This study...
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