The Racism of Chinese Immigration in Canada

Topics: Chinese Exclusion Act, Chinese American, New Zealand Pages: 2 (1075 words) Published: October 25, 2014

The Racism of Chinese Immigration in Canada
Nowadays, Chinese immigrants are all over the world, and they work across various industries to serve the country and the public. However, not many can imagine how difficult of a condition the Chinese immigrants were forced to live in in the late 19th century. The racism summarized in the television broadcast “Chinese immigration: Not welcome anymore” causes me to think deeply about humanity, especially why the Chinese immigrants were treated with inequality and abandoned after they served the country. This will be made clear through the acts of injustice, prejudice, and dehumanization revealed in the video. In 1880, the Canadian government brought thousands of Chinese laborers to build the Canada Pacific Railway. Those Chinese laborers were treated with inequality compared to the white men. When the railway was completed, the Canadian government used the head tax system to create difficulties for them to reunite with their families. Racism is first revealed in the idea of injustice that occurred when the Chinese workers only received half the wage of the white people. More specifically, the Canadian government treated the Chinese workers as cheap labour because they came from China. According to the television broadcast, Eve Savory says: "The Chinese were only welcome to do the job the white middle-class didn't want. Their labour came cheap; they work for half a white man's wage" (Savory, 1997). I cannot accept what the Canadian government did and it makes me feel indignant. Those Chinese workers came to Canada, a country that was thousands of miles away from their home country; they worked so hard to try their best to provide for their family so that they can live well at home. In my opinion, when people come alone to a new place that is far from home to earn money, they could bear any kind of suffering because family is their stronghold to let them survive the ordeal. I met some illegal immigrants when I worked as...

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