The Rabbits

Topics: John Marsden, Shaun Tan, James Cook Pages: 1 (558 words) Published: October 24, 2014

English Essay
I believe John Marsden and Shaun Tan chose this image, over all the other images in the book for the cover of the Rabbits as it portrays the starting point of the drama that is about to unfold, the incredible numbers of rabbits is hinted at and it provides a thorough insight into the story and it communicates many significant ideas put across in the book such as the menacing nature of the rabbits, urbane culture of the rabbits, contrast of cultures between the rabbits and the native marsupial creatures is established, emotions of text are visually represented, setting is established and the dominance of the rabbits is conveyed. Firstly one of the key reasons this image was chosen by John Marsden and Shaun Tan is that it shows the starting point of the upcoming events that take place during the course of the story. This picture is an allegorical fable representing the initial landing of the English settlers in Botany Bay. The image alludes to E. Phillips Fox’s painting The Landing of Captain Cook at Botany Bay which was the establishment of Australia and it is only reasonable that it should start this book that deals with the same story. This image proves the book to be an allegorical fable with shows an actual event and it changes our view of this event. It is not a very big shock for me that this image was chosen for the cover of the Rabbits. Furthermore “The Landing” cover image shows the sheer volume of rabbits that are coming on the boats from their lands. The boat is extremely big and is such an overpowering part of this image. If you look closely at the ship all the way up the ship there are windows and all along the top of the ship there are hundreds of pairs of ears. This ship also shows how advanced the rabbits are compared to the native marsupials who would never have seen something like that before. The salience of the ship on the cover also conveys that point. This is one of the reasons I’m not surprised “The Landing” image for the...
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