The Quality of a Product or Service

Topics: Retailing, Sales, Consignment Pages: 4 (1550 words) Published: March 26, 2014
What does it take to be a Store Lead?
The Children’s Place is a retail company that specializes in the selling of a wide variety of children’s clothing to the public. They sell clothing for both boys and girls with sizes ranging from new born to size fourteen. Every retail store has a strong and successful team that helps drive the business, which includes sales associates, a store manager, assistant manager, and most importantly a store lead. “A store lead is responsible for supporting the store leadership team in the absence of a manager by completing cash wrap operations, opening and closing procedures, and acting as the leader on duty. The store lead represents the brand, operates in a professional manner, engages customers, maintains store standards and supports team work. The store lead has a direct reporting relationship to the store manager” ("Position Summary."). A store lead is an important member of a retail store’s team. They have a lot of important tasks they have to complete in order to have a successful business. Their tasks are opening the store and planning for the day, dealing with price and marketing changes, training and providing feedback, and closing the store. Before starting their day, a store lead has to complete the opening procedures of the store and come up with a successful plan for the day. “A store leas is a type of manager that a retail business calls a “key holder”, because they have in their possession a key that open and closes the store” (Williams, Elizabeth.). On a typical work day there should always be 2 employees present to open the store, and one of these employees needs to be a member of management. Associates may never be left alone in the store without the presence of a manager. Once the store lead and the scheduled associate are inside of the store, they have to clock in, and check to see if they need to get change or take the deposits to the bank depending on what day of the week it is. “Every retail store has their...

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