The Quality of Work Life, Case on Garment Industries, Dhaka

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Man is a congenital worker. The entire Universe, from the tiniest ant to the biggest whale, from the lowliest creeper to the tallest tree is ceaselessly at work. Every member starting from the peon and the mechanic to the clerk and the man-ager is a worker too. The owner and the entrepreneur are also likely to feel offended if not described as workers.

The quality of work life (QWL) of workers shows us the value, the class, the worthiness of a work life of any worker. It can not be define by any particular definition. The quality on average defers from worker to worker for their age, type of job, culture, their ethics, etc.

In this study, we have tried to find out the quality of working life of the garment employees of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there are nearly 3,760 (BGMEA brushier, 2003, Pg-14) small and medium scales privately owned garment factories are registered with Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), spread in cluster over the EPZ and urban areas of Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chittagong and Khulna. Most of them are export oriented. They make fabrics and readymade garments to export in the international market. But the quality of the garment worker’s working life is not up to the standard that they deserve. So we have tried to find the actual circumstances of the garment worker’s work life by surveying them with some predetermined questionnaire. Now first of all we have to know what “Quality of Work Life” is. So we describe it in the light of some literature review.


Every study has its significance in our social life. In our study we have some objectives to find out. The objectives of this study were to find out:

The overall Quality of Work life of the garment employees.

The effect of the indicators of quality of work life of the employees.

The effect of quality of work life of the employees in different factories of Dhaka city and

ΔTo review the conceptual dimension of quality of working life.

By all these information we can find out the overall condition of the garment employees. And we can help them being more satisfied in their work place for better quality of work life.


The hypothesis formed to cover the research area is that following:

The Quality of working life of garment industries of Bangladesh is low.


For the thorough understanding of the course content, the students have to be familiar with the course related objectives. Keeping this in mind we are assigned to prepare a formal report which increase our ability to meet with day to day asks of a business organization and improve computer operation skills which are now a days is very important. In this assignment, we have selected six garment industries of Dhaka City. The reason we took these specific six industries is that, one of our group member’s relative owe two different industries. And from him we’ve been introduced to the neighbor industry of that garment. Thus it helped us a lot to gather the data from various industries. Another way we took the advantage of our member’s neighbors who are garment employees, they helped us a lot to do this assignment more easily. They really helped us to go to the industries and to take their valuable time. Though it was tough to gather all the data from 60 respondents. The reason our course instructor gave us this project to feel the real life problems of people. Other than that it helped us to meet different people of different places and of different classes. We divide all the information on 7 parts. This schedules those parts according to their importance. The report we selected to schedule here consist of 7 parts and the information put in every part according to their merit and relation with that particular part.


In the following pages the findings, statistical treatment of data and information about the overall garment...

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