The Quality Gurus

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The Quality Gurus
The six Quality Gurus I have chosen to write about are Dr. Joseph Juran, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Philip Crosby, Dr. Shigeo Shingo, Dr. Genichi Taguchi and Dr. Kaora Ishikawa. All of these people have made significant contributions to improving businesses, healthcare organizations, governments and countless other organizations. A guru is a good, wise person and a teacher above all else. This is coupled with these people with an approach to quality in business and life that has made a major and lasting effect on the way people of all types of businesses run their organizations.

Dr. Joseph Juran
Joseph Juran was born in Romania in 1904 but he moved to America when he was 8 years old. From the beginning of his career Juran worked in the quality profession. In 1951 he published his most recognised book “Juran’s Quality Control Handbook”. In 1952 he was invited to Japan to give some top level executive seminars which had a powerful and long lasting effect on Japanese businesses.
Juran specialised in managing for quality. One of Juran’s main philosophies was his famous “Quality Trilogy”. This trilogy is composed of three managerial processes; planning, control and improvement. Quality planning is composed of establishing quality goals, identifying the customer, determining the customer’s needs, developing processes that are able to produce products that respond to customer’s needs, establishing process controls and transferring them to the operating forces. Quality control consists of evaluating actual quality performance, comparing this to performance goals, and trying to resolve the differences. Quality improvement encompasses establishing the infrastructure needed quality improvement, identifying the improvement projects, establishing a project team and providing the team with the resources training and motivation needed to implement the improvements.
Joseph Juran came up with the ten steps to quality improvement
1) Build awareness of the

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