The Qualities of a Good Friend

Topics: Friendship, Virtue, High school Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: April 4, 2013
A Good Friend
What is a friend? What is a good friend? I think everyone has a different understanding of this word. Everybody has many friends, but not all friends are good for you. So what is a good friend? I want to use my own experience to explain it. Su is my best friend. We were classmates in junior high school. When I first saw her, she was not tall, so I thought I was older than her. But the truth was that she was older than me. By accident, her seat was next to mine. So we had a lot of time to get to know each other. Mow, I think I am very lucky to be her friend. She is virtuous and considerate. She is a good friend. Of course, a good friend not only has a good personality, but also has a positive influence on her friends. Su is such a person. Su is an excellent student. She has always studied very hard. When we were in junior high school, her grades were very good. When I had difficult problems, she always helped me; she could difficult problems simply and then I could understand theses problems. Many students whose grades were good didn’t want to help other classmates, they even despised them. Su was special; she liked helping others. So most of our classmates liked her; she was popular. In china, in our generation, many families have only one child. Parents and grandparents pay a lot of attention to that child. They take care of everything, so people of my generation are used to relying on parents. I was one of them. However, Su changed me. She always told me to do things by myself, to become more independent. She also did everything by herself. For example, she cooked dinner when her parents weren’t at home. At that age, most teenagers don’t know how to cook. Once, her grandmother was ill in the hospital, she, a 13-years-old girl, took care of her grandmother for a week. At that age! It was amazing for me. There experiences influenced and encouraged me. I thought that she could do it, I could also do it. So I gradually became more...
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