The Pursuit of Single Parenting

Topics: Family, Mother, Marriage Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: April 28, 2013
The Pursuit of Single-Parenting

How many single parents do you know? Single parenting has been apart of me throughout my entire life. Being raised in a single parent home by my mom at the age of seventeen was a difficult stressor, but the sacrifices my mother made is what makes me a grateful, prudent person today. Perspectively, a single parent household is no longer a nontraditional family in today's society, although this trend has spreaded rapidly in its culture. The family structure has significantly changed in the past few decades. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, "30 percent of American families are headed by only one parent. Single parent households numbered over 12 million in the year of 2000 and is currently increasing by each year." A child's life is also severly compromised when raised by single parent because of limited resources, reasoning, and the destruction of a "perfect family". A normal description of a perfect family is two parents: the mom, dad, child, and maybe even a pet. It may seem embarrasing for a child to witness a destruction of a family and destroys the sense of normality for a child. A normal child with one parent may not be able to celebrate holidays such as Mother's Day and Father's Day like normal families. People may even believe that children from single parent homes are the worse behaved. When in the situation of raising a child on your own, it is the parents' responsibility to raise the child how they want them to mature to be. Just because the child is statiscally born in a single parent home, doesnt mean he or she is destined for doom and failure. Instilling your child or children a positive outlook on life and building a relationship with them in spite of the misfortunes will help chart their success in the future. Single parenting is stated as an extensive problem in America because children are being raised by one parent instead of both. The parent could be young, not mature enough for a child,...
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