The Pursuit of Happiness

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Economics, Happiness Pages: 2 (343 words) Published: June 14, 2012
An Argumentative essay on Happiness Economics
Thesis: Even though factors that influence happiness are always initially believed to be examined as wealth and how money can create happiness. While having a comfortable income can increase one’s overall feelings of being satisfied but does not increase one’s individual happiness, there are several factors that should lead to everyone’s pursuit of happiness because many individuals base their happiness on voluntary conditions based off of personal lifestyle choices. Facts have shown that most individuals have taken subjective well-being as an important factor of happiness, instead of wealth. I. The Nature of Happiness

A. Determinations of Individual Happiness
1. Some people are considered to be just naturally happier with their lives.
2. Lifestyle changes can effect or determine individual happiness.
3. Voluntary conditions can have a greater impact on how happy a person can be. B. Hierarchy of Needs
1. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs list individuals happiness based on their individual needs.
2. Relationships with other’s help in the overall happiness of each individual.
3. Adjustments are made when individual needs change.
II. Monetary Means
A. Money
1. Levels of happiness are often considered to stem from financial means.
2. Wealth can be contributed to life satisfaction and standards of living.
3. Most people believe that money buys happiness but, that is not the case. B. Material Possessions
1. Conspicuous consumption often stimulates a momentary feeling of happiness.
2. Increased happiness often comes from donating to charity and helping others.
3. People that use their money to buy experiences (i.e. family vacations). III. Economic growth
A. Happiness contribution to Economics
1. Happier people tend to have less of an impact on economics.
2. Economic growth can affect individual health and wellbeing.
3. Money stimulates the...
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