The Pursuit of Excellence

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The pursuit of excellence

1)Socrates did not write "Apology". Socrates did not actually write anything, It was his friend Plato that wrote and documented Socrates's speeches and dialogs.

The "Apology" supposes to be an accurate account by Plato of Socrates's trial before the Athenian jury in 399BCE. The trial began with the prosecutors presenting their case against Socrates before the Athenian jury. In this trial Meletus, the prosecutor, argued that Socrates was guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens and committing acts of impiety.

The "Apology" contain three speeches, defense, penalty, and after the trial. The second speech of Apology deals with Socrates penalty, Socrates respond to the given penalty by proposing an alternative one, and the jury had to choose between the two. The penalty that was suggested by Meletus was the death penalty. Socrates suggested that he, with the help of his wealthy friends, would pay a fine. He will also be treated as an Olympic hero. From Socrates suggestions we understand that he is actually mucking the jury by suggesting ideas that obviously won't be accepted.

One of the most important terms in the Apology is the term "Excellence". This term is an alternative term for the Greek term "Arete". Arete means the Aim, target the path of life. What you are supposed to do. By "pursuit of excellence" Socrates means that a parson should look for his place in society and in life. Finding his/her excellence will bring him/her health, wealth and happiness. Pursuing wealth and happiness thinking that those will lead one to his/her excellence is wrong.

Socrates gives an example of people that are in pursuit of wisdom. He says that in his investigation he found that the people, who looked for knowledge as a main target, (as if it has an intrinsic value), were less intelligent then the common people. "Man whose reputation for wisdom stood highest were nearly the most lacking in it, while others who were looked down on as common people were much more intelligent."(Pp.26-7, VII)

Socrates, target in life was to question peoples' way of life in order to help them improving themselves and strive to find their excellence. "For I spend my whole life…to give your first and greatest care to the improvement of your souls, and not till you have done that to think of your bodies or your wealth. And I tell you that wealth dose not bring excellence, but that wealth, and every other good thing which men have, whether in public or in privet, comes from excellence."(Pp.36, XVII)

2)Offered: At one time Offered was what you would consider a typical person. She had all the freedoms of everyday life that you and I experience. She could read what she wished, talk as she thought spent time with her doughtier and have sexual contact with her husband Luke. Once she arrived at the Commander's home, all these privileges were taken away from her. Handmaids were not allowed to read even when shopping in stories picture were used instead of words and the only word that offered saw was "Faith" on a pillow in the window. She also was not able to talk as she wished. The only time that an open conversation was seen was when offered talked to Moira through the hole in the bathroom and when "chatted" with Ofglen while walking. Since she was taken away from her family no longer she could see or talk to her husband Luke, and her daughter. She was not allowed to obtain active sex life; her body was now a container. Only the inside of her body mattered because it was used to produce children for the Commander. Sex has nothing to do with passion or love or romance.

The image of man had changed in offered
mind. Offered used to look at men and had a normal desire for him. This did not happen anymore. However, she found Nick attractive, and wanted him to touch her. Not the way the Commander touched her, but the way Luke used to.

Moira represents a character that witnessed the changes in Offted's life. She...
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