The Purpose of a College Education

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William Landsheft
The Purpose of a College Education
The reason that most people go to college is to make them more marketable to future employers. As we see our economy in dire financial straits we see record number of people entering colleges across the nation, such as Drury for one example. But a college education is about much more the just the foundations for your career. It is the building blocks for the rest of your life and will make you better, different then you are now. It will transform you. Your college education makes a true adult out of you, and brings us out of the ignorance of immaturity.

The best way to describe the idea of a college education is Andrew Mills can opener theory. Most people view education as a can opener, a means to an end. While it is true that a college graduate will obviously be more successful there are still flaws with this point of view. As a can opener is used to open cans to get to the tasty goods in side future students view education as a means to get to the career that they would not be able to obtain without the education, i.e. the can opener. Education can open so many more doors in your life then just a career. Doors that you never knew existed. In other words instead of education being viewed as a can opener it should be seen more as a Swiss army knife, a tool with a hundred different valuable assets. More than just getting you a job it will make you of a much better quality. It will form you into a person who lives outside of nature’s boundaries and that can accept and even comprehend things that people without a similar education would be completely and unknowingly ignorant to. To receive this education you must be open minded, and prepared to accept ideas that you would have never even considered a year ago. It will allow you to fully understand the world. It will enrich your life so that you can enjoy and comprehend many more ideas then just your points of view. A broader education allows you not only to...
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