The Purpose Of The Experiment Was To Test Will The Amount Of Pennies Affect The Volt Of The Battery

Topics: Battery, Volt, Zinc Pages: 4 (343 words) Published: April 16, 2015
The purpose of the experiment was to test will the amount of pennies affect the volt ​
of the battery. In my battery experiment I made two batteries. I made one battery with 6 pennies and the other battery with 5 pennies.

Testable Question:​
How does the number of coins effect current and voltage of the ​

If the amount of coins in the voltaic pile increases, then the amount of electricity will increase.


6 pennies
Volt Meter
Aluminum Foil


Place a penny on the paper trace the outline of the penny 5 times. Cut the 5 circles out.
Repeat steps 1 and 2 with aluminum foil.
Pour some vinegar in the beaker.
Place 1 teaspoon of salt in the beaker filled with vinegar.
Once the paper and foil inserts are cut out, place the paper inserts in the mixture of salt and vinegar.
7) Now start stacking the battery. Place a foil on the bottom. Place a penny. Place a soaked paper insert. Repeat. End with the penny on the top.
8) Connect the battery with the volt meter. Then check the volt of the batteries.

Type of Battery


6 Penny Battery

0.4 v

5 Penny Battery

0.3 v

Independent Variable: ​
The amount of coins
Dependent Variable:​
Control Variable:​
Kind of coin, electrolyte (vinegar)

Conclusion: ​
the data from the graph show that a 6 penny battery had and higher voltage then the 5 penny battery. In the graph the 6 penny battery had a voltage of 0.4 volts and the 5 penny battery had a voltage of 0.3 volts. Yes the data supported my hypothesis because my hypothesis was “if the amount of coins in the voltaic pile increases, then the amount of electricity will increase” and the data shows that the more pennies that are in the battery, the more electricity it produces. A recommendation for a future project is that next time I can change the electrolyte instead of...
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