“the Purpose of Life Is a Life of Purpose”

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“The Purpose Of Life Is A Life Of Purpose”

In each one of us, there burns a soul destined for greatness. In every generation, a few are chosen to proven… and sometimes, it happened while others are in the bathroom.

Life: No one knows where it will take us. Is it our own decisions that guide us or does fate play a big role in dictating the road that we travel? Which course we will be steering? What twists we must endure? One thing is for certain; there is no certainty. No wait too long and everything can change in an instant. In a flash, the things we hold so close can disappear. Vanished like a lost thought. Lifelong trust can turn on you. Blind faith can betray you… and the future you foresaw, gone. "

Life should be seen as an eternal process of joyous spiritual discovery and growth: in the beginning stages of earthly life, the individual undergoes a period of training and education which, if it is successful, gives him or her the basic intellectual and spiritual tools necessary for continued growth. When individuals attain physical maturity in adulthood, they become responsible for their further progress, which now depends entirely on the efforts they themselves make. Through the daily struggles of material existence, people gradually deepen their understanding of the spiritual principles underlying reality, and this understanding enables them to relate more effectively to themselves, to others, and to God. After physical death, the individual continues to grow and develop in the spiritual world, which is greater than the physical world, just as the physical world is greater than the world we inhabit while in our mother's womb. This last statement is based on the Bahá'í concept of the soul and of life after physical death . According to the Bahá'í teachings, the true nature of human beings is spiritual. Beyond the physical body, each human being has a rational soul, created by God. This soul is a nonmaterial entity, which does not depend on the body. Rather, the body serves as its vehicle in the physical world. The soul of an individual comes into being at the moment the physical body is conceived and continues to exist after the death of the physical body. The soul (also called the spirit) of the individual is the seat or locus of his or her personality, self, and consciousness. The evolution or development of the soul and its capacities is the basic purpose of human existence. This evolution is towards God and its motive force is knowledge of God and love for Him. As we learn about God, our love for Him increases; and this, in turn, enables us to attain a closer communion with our Creator. Also, as we draw closer to God, our character becomes more refined and our actions reflect more and more the attributes and qualities of God.

"A life of purpose"... Do something important with your life, make a difference or make some kind of impact on your world. I think it's the kind of thing you have to define for yourself though. We're all here for a reason, decide what your reason is.

Sometimes my life feels pointless and I truly want to give up, but I think about my closest friends and their futures. The thought of that makes me want to see them become successful and start families. I feel like we're here to learn lessons and to see how much we can make a difference. But from social views, I feel like we're only here to leave impressions and to try to hold on to temporary fame and fortune forever.

We are here on Earth because our souls have chosen to be born again from Heaven with a hope and free will to resist the evil temptation and ultimately enter the Kingdom of God from the 7 Churches/House of Righteousness of Jesus in Heaven.

Life wouldn't exist without a purpose. Learning and passing on information to the next generation to make life easier is definitely one purpose. People will always argue about any other reason.

i feel the purpose of life is to find God and i also believe that each moment of our...
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