The Purpose of Education

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Education is defined as the act of acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and preparing oneself intellectually for a mature life. Society will collapse if children do not go to school to become educated. Not one child will be smart enough to sit in a leading position and to know how to make the correct decisions. The primary purpose of education is to help children get into college or get them a good job to become better more efficient members of society.

Many parents and teachers make children believe that the entire purpose of education in school is to get them a paying job so that they can afford to stay alive. To do this, children must pass through elementary, junior high, and high schools to get into a decent college to become good at one thing in particular and then do that until the day they die. It is only partially true that education is for getting a job. People can only afford to live decently by having a well paying job. But one can only get such a job if he or she has the proper education. Education is necessary to get into a college to get a job to survive and keep living. Other figures of authority or importance will tell children that the purpose of education is to make them become happy and competent human beings. But people will be happy if they have money to pay for things and opinions to share with others. Getting an education to go through college helps all children who succeed in doing so become competent members of society. And due to this, the children can earn well paying jobs that will help them survive through their lives. Education also helps children become happier, knowing that they can input their educated opinions into different areas of life. The purpose of education is to get children into college so that they can get a good job and become resourceful members of society. This will also help to allow the children to become happier, more competent human beings. People cannot resolve problems...
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