The Purpose of Australias Modern Criminal Justice System

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 4 (1396 words) Published: January 27, 2012
Why do we need a criminal justice system in Australia?
To answer this question, We firstly need to look a couple of things to allow you a thorough understanding of what exactly the criminal justice system is, questions like, what is role that this system has to play in today’s modern & somewhat debauched society, also what are the key concepts and components of each part of the criminal justice system. It is my attention through the aid of this essay to not only explain the differing parts of the criminal justice system, but also answer the topic in question; by the time we are through you will have a thorough understanding of the Australian criminal justice system and why it is needed.

What exactly is the technical meaning of “the criminal justice system”? An excellent answer to this question maybe found by looking at the Australian Bureau of Statistics ( 1997 paragraph 2), to quote this definition directly, the Australian Bureau of Statistics defines this as “The criminal justice system is a system of laws and rulings which protect community members and their property2. It determines which events causing injury or offence to community members, are criminal. Criminal offenders may be punished through the law by fines, imprisonment and/or community service”. Ok we now have a clear definition of what the criminal justice system is we can break down this definition into key elements, and then look at the working of each element in relation to the criminal justice system as a whole. Is there only one criminal justice system in Australia or are there more? Well let’s look at the next paragraph. How many criminal justice systems are there in Australia one only or several? According to the book criminal justice, issues in society (Healey 2006 p.18) there are nine criminal justice systems currently in operation in Australia at present. This nine comprises of one commonwealth or federal criminal justice system,...

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