The Purple Dragon

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Fast food Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Fast Food
The common myth between fast food and obesity
America is one of the world counties that struggle with high rates of obesity in the youth. It has become a common trend in America for people to associated fast food for the cause of the growing obesity. Many people believe this while others don’t. I for one believe that is not true, fast food in no way contributes or causes obesity in today’s youth. Many people often believe the myth without facts or reasons. However one should consider the facts and not be too quick to judge. Yes America is experiencing the problem of growing obesity but we shouldn’t blame the first suspect as the culprit. It is a well-known fact that fast food is associated as being unhealthy. Fast foods have more calories than the average home cooked meal and are primarily unhealthy due to their high levels of fat, sodium, and other large quantities of ingredients. However this gives people enough information to convince them to associate fast food with the cause of obesity. I truly believe that one can eat fast food yet still be “thin” and healthy. The cause of obesity depends on one’s diet and lifestyle. A research in conducted in the University of California has proven that fast food has little to no contribution to today’s obesity. The research studied people who lived fair close to fast food restaurants and people to live far away. Most people assumed that the people closer to fast food restaurants were the most obese and unhealthy, however surprisingly they were in fact the least obese of the study. The people who lived farther away had been more unfit and unhealthy than the others. The study shows that a stronger cause for obesity was the diet of the people. The people closer to fast food restaurants tended to eat a large meal there, but then not eat too much at home. However obese people tend to eat a large meal at fast food restaurants then go home and still eat a large meal after that. This extra intake of food...

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