The Punishment of Prisioners

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The Punishment of Offenders
When it comes to imposing legal sanctions, there are many rationales, goals and principles of sentencing. The four traditional goals are: retribution (deserved punishment), deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. According Clear, Cole, and Reisig (2013), “Sentencing and correctional policies may be carried out in such a way that no one goal dominates or, in some cases, that justice itself is not demonstrably served” (p. 66).

Retribution is punishment that fits the crime that someone has committed. Many people in our society feel that if someone commits a crime, their punishment should match the criminal act. I use to feel that way until I have watched a lot of shows and did a little research on retribution. One may think that if someone murdered a child that they should be put to death, but if we really think about it, letting that person sit in prison for the rest of their lives having to think about what they did is more of a punishment than the death sentence. If that person has a conscious, it will kill them. However, you do have some individuals who do not care or who do not have a conscious that would not think twice about what they did. Those type of people need to be sentenced to the death sentence, but there should be a process that determines if the person feel some type a way about he or she has done or not.
Pro side of retribution is that society sees that the law is serious when it comes to criminal acts. That if you commit a crime it is very likely that you will get a punishment that matches the crime. With that being said, maybe people will think twice about committing a crime.
Con to retribution is that when you see someone getting the death penalty, at first you think that the person deserves it especially if they murdered someone, then after you have thought about it, you change your thought because it can be seen as a form of revenge. If someone did anything to hurt one of my kids, the

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