The Psychology of Human Minds

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Scandal Pages: 4 (1491 words) Published: December 3, 2013
    "Don't judge a book by its cover . Don't be quick to judge . Before you can judge , make sure you are perfect. When you judge,  the the other four fingers of your hands are pointing back at you. " are quotes from revered people like Nick Vujicic. However,  it is indispensible that it is a whole different world in reality. People are quick to judge to bring down others for the sake of 'fun' and 'pleasure'.      Amber Rose scandal illustrates how quick people seize opportunities to judge and shame her. The graphic nude pictures, depicting her posing nude in high heels and touching herself, in the privacy of her home, were leaked to, a celebrity gossip site. Apparently,  someone she trusted had accessed her computer where the images were stored and uploaded it online.

Rose described herself as “really hurt and embarrassed” by the scandal on Twitter, and admitted to crying for days as a result. Compounding the situation, haters,detractors, various publications and celebrity gossip sites attacked the 27-year old in even more harsh and critical ways, questioning her character and respectability.

Many were quick to judge and shame Rose in the aftermath of their release, commenting that the pictures were unsightly to her career. Degrading comments calling her a slut or with no morals were ubiquitous.  Some even claimed her career was finished. Most had negative things to say. At the same time, they failed to acknowledge that there was little difference between posing provocatively in a magazine, for which she achieved praise and money, and posing fully nude in the manner that Rose has done in the leaked images. The netizens' contradictory opinions shows that her current predicament is symptomatic of a culture that we reward women for being as sexy as possible, but look down on them or judge them for actually having sex or having their naked body exposed.

The pictures remained on , placing Rose within a small but growing...
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