The Psychologist

Topics: Memory, Amnesia, Classical conditioning Pages: 5 (1078 words) Published: October 3, 2012

1.) Psychologists who argue that Psychologists should only study behavior, measurable behaviors are called (behaviorists).

2.) (Pavlov) discovered classical conditioning

3.) At the Beginning of an experiment on classical conditioning, (The UCS elicits a UCR automatically).

4.) In Pavlov’s experiments he paired the presentation of food with measured salivation to each. In this experiment the buzzer was the (conditioned stimulus).

5.) You were once stung by a bee and now are somewhat frightened by all insects, this is known as (stimulus generalization).

6.) A person who has developed a drug tolerance to a specific drug may be able to temporarily reduce or eliminate the tolerance by (taking the drug by new means in an unfamiliar setting).

7.) The cats in Thorndike's experiments improved their ability to escape his puzzle boxes gradually, not suddenly. What conclusion did he draw from this observation? (Learning is based on strengthening responses, not on insights).

8.) Suppose your roommate loves to watch "My Little Pony" on YouTube every night before going to bed.  Now, suppose that this same roommate never does the dishes.  However, you come up with a plan to get him/her to do the dishes.  Without him/her knowing, you disconnect the internet right before he/she goes to watch the show, and when he/she comes into the kitchen and expresses to you his/her frustration, you invite him/her to do the dishes to vent his/her frustration.  While he/she is doing the dishes, you reconnect the internet.  You continue doing this for various nights, and before long, the dish-washing problem is solved.  What principle were you employing? (The disequilibrium principle).

9.) Skinner conducted a famous study in which he punished bar pressing in rats attempting to obtain food by having the bar slap their paws each time the pressed it. Based on the results of this study, Skinner concluded that? (Punishment temporarily suppresses behavior, but is ineffective in the long run).

10.) Seven-year-old Hilary's parents paid her 50 cents every time she cleans up her room. Sue's parents have sometimes paid her 50 cents for cleaning her room, but frequently have not paid her. Which girl will probably continue cleaning her room the longest, and why? (Sue, because extinction of responses tends to be slower after intermittent reinforcement than after continuous reinforcement.)

1.) In order to be sure that the items on the lists that he learned would be unfamiliar, Ebbinghaus (Invented nonsense syllables). 2.) If asked to tell your social security number (without looking it up), you are being asked to perform a _____ memory test. (free Recall) 3.) Suppose that you want to remember that the first 4 US presidents were George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.  In order to do this, you picture yourself walking from the Ricks Building to the library.  In your mind, you picture yourself leaving the Ricks building, and in the parking lot by the Ricks you picture a giant washing machine (Washington).  As you continue, you picture that in the Ricks Gardens you see an apple tree, and you picture Adam picking an apple off of that tree. (John Adams)  As you continue walking, you notice that in the trees along the sidewalk there is a blue-jay, and you see that it is drinking tea.  (Think T and J for Thomas Jefferson)  As you contemplate this odd sighting, and whether or not animals should adhere to the Word of Wisdom as well as humans, you accidentally walk into someone as you cross the street by the dorms, causing them to drop their books.  This person was already having a bad day, and now they are very mad, and storm off. (James Madison)  This method of remembering things is called the (Method of Loci) 4.) Our short term memory can store about 7 items at a time. 5.) The phonological loop and the visuospatial sketchpad are two aspects of (working Memory) 6.) What...
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