The Psychological Impact of Child Abuse

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The Psychological Impact of Child Abuse

Dealing with child abuse is perhaps one of the most difficult things for a person to deal with. We often hear the stories of child abuse victims and how it has shaped their lives even well into their adult years. More than that, since a child's identity is still in the process of being formed and having healthy relationships is needed for his or her identity to fully develop. Experiencing abuse early in life jolts the child to the grim realities early in his life and such an experience is very difficult to process, let alone to handle and get over with (Cameron 20).

Another important factor to consider here is that the abuse usually comes from adult family members or close friends. As a result, the nature of the relationship of the child with other adults may be affected. There are different forms of abuse directed to children. No matter what forms these abuses may take, they have great impact on the well being of the child and his long term emotional, physical, and psychological development (Cameron, 12).

Impact of Abuse on Children
There are three broad categories under which the impact of child abuse may fall into. The impact of abuse on children may be emotional, physical, and behavioral. Under the emotional effects, a child's self-esteem may be severely affected. As a result, the abused child may find it difficult to socialize with other people and thus would become antisocial and in worst cases, he may have a difficulty in cultivating healthy relationship with other people. In addition to this, a child abuse victim may find himself dependent on substance, or suffering from eating diss due to depression. In worst cases, the child may become psychologically unbalanced (Horwitz, et. al, 184).

There may also be physical effects such as physical injury, even death, as well as long-term consequences in learning abilities, and physical injuries. Because of the abuse, the child may also find several difficulties at...

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