The Psychological Effect of Shopping on Women

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The Psychological Effect of Shopping on Women
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The Psychological effects of shopping on Women
Women have a natural ability and instinctive need to shop. This is something that has seemed to baffle men throughout the years. Decades ago, shopping was due to necessity, but more recently, it has also been used as a method of fulfilling fundamental emotional needs. Shopping has a strong psychological revival effect for women, regardless if products are actually purchased or not. Shopping can lift a woman’s stress by gratifying her; satisfy her nesting urges, and being used as a stress reliever through social bonding, rather than using anti-depressants or other doctor prescribed medicines to alleviate stress and anxiety.

The self-gratification aspect of human emotion is met by the challenges of finding necessities at a bargain price. A person gains a feeling of achievement when money is saved by comparable shopping, and allows other items to be purchased for the materialistic wants of a person and his/her loved ones.

Purchasing items for family members contributes to satisfying a woman’s natural nesting urges. Most women have an instinctive need to please her family and friends. By bargain pricing and coupon clipping, she is better able to buy items that her loved ones have expressed a desire to own whether it is toys or clothes or sporting good equipment. Bargain shopping allows a woman to express her love for her family and friends by having the ability to purchase these items, whereas if she would have bought her necessities at regular price she may not have been able to do so. Shopping also allows time for a woman to have a change of atmosphere and to have a moment to socialize with peers, which can alleviate stress. Many women call a girlfriend to go browsing the mall or window-shopping. This reinforces a woman’s sense of belonging to something other than the typical mother/wife role....

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