The Psychic Medium

Topics: Paranormal, Parapsychology, Clairvoyance Pages: 4 (1455 words) Published: October 21, 2008
The Psychic Medium
There are many types of psychic phenomena that exist. In this paper, I will discuss that of the psychic medium. The term psychic medium refers to a person thought to have the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead or with agents of another world or dimension through extra sensory perception or paranormal powers. While a medium will always be psychic, a psychic is not always a medium. The main objective of a mediums work is to prove survival of the human personality or spirit after death and to help the bereaved come to terms with their loss. The ability of a psychic medium can have a life saving effect. However, due to the many fraudulent practitioners trying to scam people out of their money by offering them false hope, it can also be damaging. According to mediums, there are three main abilities or techniques to communicate with spirits or the afterlife. They are clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Clairvoyance refers to a mediums ability to actually see the spirit. Clairaudience, the ability to hear the spirit and clairsentience is the ability for a medium to sense the presence and thoughts of the spirit. Mediums can possess and utilize one or more of these abilities and techniques. It is also suggested that anyone can obtain or posses these psychic abilities. Psychic phenomena have been acknowledged since the early civilization of humanity. There have been many documented occurrences of psychic phenomena and mediums during these earlier times, some of which can even be found in The Bible. Throughout history, there has been a great curiosity about psychic phenomena. Just imagine if we were able to communicate with our lost loved ones, or if we knew what actually happens when we die. Some believe they have the answers to these questions, which in turn provoked man to intertwine these phenomena with scientific methodology. This scientific study of psychic phenomena became to be known as Parapsychology....
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