The Proudest Moment of My Life

Topics: Milky Way, English-language films, Astronomical seeing Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Under the dark frigid night of the tenebrous Saturday in the tumultuous city of Las Vegas .Along with my chum were walking in midst of the street. Made an effort and glimpsed at the clock tower and OH! It is almost 8:00pm. The football match was supposed to be at 8:15pm “I exclaimed”. A bit of shivering from cold with both of our hands in the pocket starring at the exquisite sky. It was strewn with full of gaily twinkling stars. The Milky Way was as bright as if it has been washed and scrubbed with snow. The tickets were still in my pockets “I checked”. We had still 15 minutes to spare until the affectionate match we were wailing for to begin. In the mean time we were reminiscing And what moment they were. In about 5 minutes later it was becoming more like a blazing of a sun rather than arctic. We were not more than 100 meters away from the stadium. I could easily see the stadium with my bare eyes. I was peering at the stadium and I saw that amuck of black fumes were arising. I was certainly held by a strong impulse. I couldn’t move an inch after hearing the shout of people inside crying for help. I was dazed and timid but thanks to my friend he encouraged me and we both rushed in there indecisively. I was perturbed and I could see it on my best friends face too. With the stadium engulfed in the massacre flame we were imprudent and were only looking for survivors around with the risk of our lives on our shoulders. I was sweating like hell and even my shoes were becoming dilapidated. The flames were inevitable once we are ahead of it there was no turning back. I a sudden a piece of wood fell on the leg of my friend obscurely. The strain on my head was increasing and my friend was whinnying full of pain. I was able to take some survivors out of the stadium. In the mean time my friend was still trapped under that wood and I wasn’t able to lift that piece of wood up. He told me that he can’t feel...
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