The Pros of Capital Punishment

Topics: Murder, Death Penalty, Crime Pages: 4 (1322 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Allyson Mailloux


Mr. Power

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Death Penalty: The Ultimate Punishment

There are many different reasons why Capital Punishment was abolished in 1972 and even I, a firm believer in the death penalty, can see the legitimacy of some of these reasons. Yet this still does not justify letting someone who has wrongly taken the life of an innocent person. “In 1991, a young mother was rendered helpless and made to watch as her baby was executed. The mother was then mutilated and killed. The killer should not lie in some prison with three meals a day, clean sheets, cable tv, family visits and endless appeals. For justice to prevail some people just need to die” (Robert Macy, 1991)

When a serious crime occurs and someone is put on trial and found guilty we should have the option as a society to execute them. Morality is a large part of Capital punishment. Along with morality is retribution. Retribution is basically what the criminal owes society. It is his or her punishment for disturbing the peacefulness of society. Retribution is not to be confused with revenge, because retribution is only used a deserved punishment and is not done out of anger. Finally, capital punishment can also be used as a deterrent against crime. We do not want people fleeing to Canada from the US because they think they can get away with murder here. The death penalty is the ultimate punishment and we need to be able to use it on our country’s worst criminals. Capital punishment is a just punishment and should be available to our justice system because of morality, retribution and deterrence.

High profile murder cases like the Victoria Stafford Case and Luka Magnotta Body Parts Case have the power to shake up communities and even stir up trouble internationally. Many people become affected by such a case, even if just from hearing about it on television. Parents, other family members and friends are forced to hear gruesome details, stories...
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