The Pros of an On-Campus Daycare Provider for Students with Children

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RU Child Development Task Force

November 21, 2013


The Radford Child Development Inc., a non-profit organization created by the Radford University Child Development Task Force, is proceeding with plans to construct a child care facility near campus. The child care facility will be built on Tyler Avenue in which the land was provided by a local real estate developer, Price-Williams. The exact location has not yet been announced. The child-care facility will only be for RU faculty and staff. There needs to be a child-care facility for students as well. This child-care facility also needs to be on campus. There are 3.9 million student parents that are enrolled in colleges and universities in the country (Garcia, 2011). Only 49 to 57 percent of two- and four-year public colleges and universities, and 7 to 9 percent of two- and four-year private colleges and universities offer child-care facilities (Garcia, 2011). This means that colleges and universities need to put more funding toward child-care facilities to help their students pursue their degrees.


There is currently no child-care facility for students with children on the Radford University campus. There is an increasing need for this because so many parents are choosing to continue their education. The universities and colleges are making it harder on student parents by not providing day care while they are at school. Out of 10 schools randomly chosen in Virginia, there were only three schools in which a daycare was not provided on-campus for students with children. Not having daycare available for these students should be the last reason a student does not complete a degree at Radford University.

Figure 1 shows 3.9 million undergraduate students out of 17 million undergraduate students have children. The...

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