The Pros and Cons of Nuclear Science

Topics: Nuclear power, Nuclear fission, World energy resources and consumption Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: January 2, 2011

Nuclear energy is a powerful source of energy compared to other conventional fuels. All crude oil based fuels derive their energy from oxidation, which is a change in the energy levels of electrons outside the nucleus. However, nuclear energy derives power from changes in the nuclear energy levels of the atomic nucleus! Tremendous energy lies locked up inside a radioactive nucleus and nuclear fission is a way of tapping this energy. Nuclear power plants derive energy from controlled nuclear fission reactions. This article discusses the pros and cons of using nuclear energy. 

Every powerful source of energy discovered by man, comes at a price. Nuclear energy comes with its share of risks and hazards. This article discusses nuclear energy pros and cons. It explore both sides of nuclear energy, that is its upside and downside. The pros and cons of nuclear energy use, need to be put in front of our policy makers in the government. Read on, to know and understand the price we must pay for nuclear energy to work and the benefits it offers over conventional energy resources.  Nuclear Energy: Pros

Here are some advantages of using nuclear energy over other conventional energy sources. 

Phenomenal Energy Output
Among the pros and cons of nuclear energy, this is the most important pro point. The energy produced in nuclear fission of fissionable material like Uranium-235, is 10 million times the energy obtained by burning same mass of coal! There are many uses of nuclear energy. The heat derived can be driven to power multitude of applications. If you are interested in knowing how such a phemomenal energy output is made possible, read, 'How does a Nuclear Power Plant Work? '

Low Emission Levels
Nuclear fission leads to almost zero green house gas emission. So compared to conventional energy sources, nuclear fission is very clean!

Reliable Energy Source
Nuclear energy is a comparatively reliable energy resource,...
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