The Pros and Cons of Fracking and Why it Should be Allowed in North Carolina

Topics: Natural gas, Carbon dioxide, Petroleum Pages: 4 (873 words) Published: May 23, 2014

The Pros and Cons of Fracking and Why it Should be Allowed in North Carolina

Hydraulic fracking for some is a dream come true. For others, it is a nightmare. The act of extracting oil and natural gas from shale rock layers from within the earth has environmentalists pulling out their hair and politicians jumping for joy. The contamination of groundwater, air and land is constantly being brought up in debates. The government on the other hand argues that it only causes minimal harm and the benefits, like job creation and individual wealth, far out way the cost. One very important benefit that comes from fracking is the amount of jobs it is creating. According to a study done by the U.S Chamber of Commerce’s 21st Century Energy Institute, 1.7 million jobs have been created and by 2035 there will an estimate of 3.5 million. Since more money is in the hands of the citizens there has been a substantial growth in communities. North Dakota, for example, has had a huge economic boom because of fracking; it’s unemployment rate being 2.6%. The oil industry has not only helped their employees, but others too. People involved in service industries, such as waitresses and carpenters are benefiting as well. Fracking can also benefit the economy indirectly. Natural gas prices have been dropping steadily in the United States. This has caused a drop in electricity prices and leaves more money in the American people’s pockets. Land prices will be impacted as well. With higher demand for oil and natural gas companies will need to expand. This will lead to higher land prices and a positive jump for GDP. Another benefit of fracking would be that it is a clean source of energy. Natural gas is a cleaner alternative to coal, which has a variety of air pollutants, like mercury and soot. This is what Obama had to say about it in his state of the union, “If extracted safely, the bridge fuel can power our economy with less of the carbon pollution that causes climate change”. A...

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