The Prophet Muhammad: A Mercy for all Creation

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My personal description

I am an extremely thoughful person and pretty loyal too.
I´m intelligent and talkative but I am prudent.
Sometimes I am impatient. I am honest and a little disorganized with my stuff. I am not stingy at all, I am sensible an generous.
I am really responsable, fairly radical and extremely logical. I am simple and practical, I am too a person very presentable. I am a passionate and obstinate person.
My strengs are a lot. For example, for me it´s easy to talk in public and improvise (i love doing it). One time when i was a child, My theachers needed someone who could give a speech to 100 and nobody wanted to do it; i didn´t know the reason for me do it was easy completly normal so, i said: Teacher, teacher i can do it, it is easy... That was my first time in public. I´m very disciplined with my stuff(my work, my family and myself). An other one is that I am a good reader so, it helps me with my culture and my knowledge. Until I was 10 I read 4 or 5 hours daily after the school, I usually read books of spionage, world wars and books on each country´s culture.  

My weakness are that I am very perfectinist. Sometimes that hurt me. I hurt myself. When I was in the kindergarden or in elementary school i was writting something or doing something (I don´t remmber exactly) so i couldn´t finished, uhmm I was furios and I started to cry... What a pitty!! Terrible!!! I am hyperactif girl. I can´t stay quiet for long periods of time. It´s very dificult for me do it so all time I´m doing something, moving my fingers, playing with my hair or thinking about something other than what I´m living.  

I am incredibly obstinate and stubborn. For me it´s complicated to accept ideas and concepts from other people when their thoughts are opposite to mine.  
I want all things now, now or now there will be an other problem too.  
Finally I can say that I love myself I love who  I am, But I don´t want to say that I can´t change or improve my weaknesses and apologyze me when I do something  wrong.

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 The Prophet Muhammad: a mercy for all creation
“Indeed, in this [Quran] is notification for a worshipping people. And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.” (Quran: 21:106-107) Allah's Messenger was the kindest of men in the same way as he excelled all others in courage and valour. Being extremely kind-hearted, his eyes brimmed with tears at the slightest sign of inhumanity. A Companion, Shaddaad bin 'Aws reported the Apostle as saying: "Allah has commanded you to show kindness to everyone, so if you have to kill, kill in a good manner, and if you slaughter an animal, slaughter it gently. If anyone of you has to slay an animal, he should sharpen the blade first and treat the animal well." Ibn 'Abbas relates that a man threw a goat on its side and then started sharpening his knife. When the Prophet saw him he said: "Do you want to kill it twice? Why did you not sharpen the knife before throwing it on the ground?" A Mercy for the Believers

The Messenger’s compassion towards the believers was of the utmost degree. The Quran describes his compassion in the following verse, which means: “There has certainly come to you a Messenger from among yourselves. Grievous to him is what you suffer; [he is] concerned over you [i.e., your guidance] and to the believers is kind and merciful.” (Quran: 9:128) Sa‘d bin ‘Ubaadah once became ill, so Allah's Messenger visited him in his house. On seeing his faithful Companion in a pitiful state, he was moved to tears. Then, he said: “Allah does not punish because of tears, nor because of grief, but he punishes because...
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