The Prophet Mohammed

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Prophet Mohammed, known as the prophet of Islam, was born in Mecca on the 20th of April in 570. He is originally from a recognized Arab tribe known as (Qoreish). Mohammed's father was Abdullah. He died before the birth of the prophet Mohammed. Moreover, the prophet's mother was called Amna and she died while Mohammed was only six years old. Due to the death of his parents Mohammed became an orphan and went to a Village were he was Breast-fed by his foster mother Haliema Al-Sa'deya. Mohammed was raised by his grandfather Abd Al-Mutalib, yet after the death of Abd Al-Mutalib he was raised by his uncle Abo Talib. Abo Talib taught Mohammed to be a responsible child and took him to trade journeys. Mohammed started working at a very young age and he used to take care of sheep. When Mohammed was a young child, a very remarkable incident happened while he was on a trade journey with his uncle to Syria. On that journey he met a Christian monk called Bahera. Bahera was able to immediately recognize that Mohammed is the future prophet.

Even before becoming a prophet Mohammed believed that there is a greater power. He never drank alcohol, gambled or had any affairs with women. He was a peaceful man and was known for his the honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. This is why the people of his tribe called him (Al-Sadiq Al-Amein). Furthermore, at the age of 25, Mohammed married a rich widow from Mecca called Khadijah. She was 40 years old at that time. Kahdijah was a very gentle woman and held and amazing personality. Mohammed was not fond of the lifestyle of his society or of their religion. That is why he frequently went to Al-Nour Mountain and stayed alone to warship Allah, pray and meditate inside a cave called Hira'. One night in the cave, the angel Gabriel came to him and Mohammed was afraid and didn't know what to do. Gabriel asked him to read three times; Mohammed told him that he doesn't know how to read. Gabriel then told him: "Read in the name of your lord, who created man from a clot, read in the name of your god, the most bountiful, who taught by means of the pen, and taught man what he did not know." These were the first words in the Holy Qur'an. Gabriel kept coming to Mohammed for 23 years to give him words of the Qur'an. Later on, the Qur'an was collected and was put together in one holy book. When Mohammed went back home, he told his wife Kahdijah what had happened. He was very scared and his body kept shaking. Kahdijah then told him to follow the voice and she became the first believer of the prophet's new religion.

After the incident that happened in the cave, Mohammed went to his people and told them about what he saw. He started to tell them about Allah. Unfortunately, not many people listened to him. They tried to threaten him and stood up together to defense their old religion. They were trying so hard to fight the new religion, Islam. Only few people embraced Islam at the beginning. People of Makkah started to torture Muslims; Mohammed was patient and was trying to protect them. Mohammed had to take an action. He asked the King of Ethiopia to allow Muslims to stay in his country, and the King welcomed them. Not so many years later, two very sad incidents occurred at the same year. Both Khadijah and Abo Talib passed away. Mohammed was affected so much by their death and that year was called the year of sadness. People of Qoriesh respected Abo Talib and feared him; therefore, they were never able to harm Mohammed because Abo Talib always protected him. After Abo Talib's death, the people of Mecca were now free to impose Prophet Mohammed and his followers. Mohammed needed someone to support him, so he went to Al-Tief (50 miles away from Makkah) and asked for their protection. They refused and the children started to through stones at the Prophet and he was badly injured.

The prophet Mohammed then experienced the Israa and Miraaj journey, were the Prophet was taken from Makkah to Jerusalem in a short...
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