The Promotion Mix

Topics: Marketing, Price, Customer service Pages: 2 (319 words) Published: November 21, 2008
What are the most commonly used promotional techniques? What is the most novel promotional technique identified?

Jumbo is an exclusive chain of supermarkets in Chile.

For marketing purposes they use:

Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and/or video signals which transmit programs to an audience, in the radio, TV commercials.

Discounts and promotions.

Healthy Lifestyles campaigns.

Print, publications on their Jumbo Blog, through it clients can leave an opinion, share food recipes and information; Jumbo also have their web site, magazine,

Which popular companies were the most aggressive in their promotional mix strategies? Which ones appear to need additional work?

In Chile the companies that have the most aggressive promotional mix strategies are La Polar, Life Insurance companies, which tend to influence the customers by driving the public’s emotions.

Did the company in general appear to have a consistent message across their promotional mix? Which ones did the best job of consistency? Which the poorest

Yes, Jumbo has a consistent message, and in fact their sales has arisen in 2008, their promotional mix have been strong and effective.

Jumbo’s Marketing Mix:
Price: Their products are slightly more expensive than other supermarkets, but the quality and customer service is much superior. Product: A quality and exclusive product, Jumbo counts with more than 11.000 different products in all Jumbo stores. The products fill an identified need of the customers, the daily life need, and the need of having quality, new and exclusive products, for example in the beauty department. All products have guarantee. Promotion/Image: There are many people that agree with the phrase “image is everything” and they would rather pay six times the price for something with a designer label or a quality reputation than pay less for an unknown brand. Of course Jumbo’s products aren’t all expensive. Place: Jumbo’s supermarkets are located in...
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