The Progressive Era

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The Progressive Era

The Progressive Era illustrated a reform movement during a period of economic growth. The effectiveness of the movement included the destruction of the major corporations in America, transportation development from the 1860 through the 1900s, and urbanization. The Progressive Era successfully passed reform movements and the 17th Amendment but limited the rights of women and children.

Theodore Roosevelt developed many progressive policies. The 1907 Washington Post political cartoon revealed him killing bad trusts and keeping the good trusts untouched. The Congress passed the Sherman Antitrust Act in the 1890 and restraint all trades to be illegal. For example, the sugar company controlled 98 percent of the sugar industry. This monopoly refused to dissolve the corporation. Furthermore, the government tried to control corporations.

The Progressive Era developed new amendments. The Federal Government provided taxation through the 16th Amendment. Theodore Roosevelt’s speech on February 22, 1912 supported direct vote for senators (Doc D). The 17th Amendment allowed citizens to elect representatives for the United States instead of being controlled by legislatures. These amendments effectively improvised the Progressive Era.Progressive reforms limited women and children’s rights. A 1918 photograph showed women’s efforts towards suffrage (Doc H). This Progressive reform excluded women in education, wealth, wages, working conditions, and social welfare. As for children, The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets, published in 1909 by Jane Adams revealed the hard working children in factories. Hammer v. Dagenhart limited the movement because it ignored and abused children in factories.

The Progressive Era successfully improved during the 1860s through the 1900s. It also destroyed corrupt monopolies and allowed citizens to elect representatives, but the rights of women and children. The era improved elections that are held today. Without the...
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