The Progression of Women’s Rights from the Early 20th Century

Topics: Human rights, Women's suffrage, Women's rights Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: December 14, 2008
The Progression of Women’s Rights from the early 20th century
Human rights violation was the milestone for many different nations in the 20th century. Citizens of each country had their privilege being abused, faced violence and struggled for independence. Overall, they were denied freedom within their own country. This was carried out by certain people of power who created law in terms of what they thought was best for their citizens. One of the major issues was rights of women who were looked upon as inferior to men in the society. After years of hard work and fighting for equality women gained their rights to independence. In Canada, it was accomplished through three women-based associations which I found convincing to the cause of women’s freedom; Women’s Suffrage, Women’s Rights Movements and Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada.

For many years, women struggled to earn the right to vote and the right to equality. They wanted to stand on the equal scale of men because they decided that they would no longer be treated as outcasts in their own society. In the 19th century, all women were not able to achieve votes as a democratic right because it was believed that men and women are assigned to ‘separate spheres’ by nature where there is more respect to man-made laws. However, a change arised when Dr. Emily Howard Stowe, Canada’s first woman doctor, began the ‘Toronto Women’s Suffrage Association’ in 1876 which was later renamed the ‘Dominion Women's Enfranchisement Association’ to represent as a national group in 1889. It was a huge break through for women because the creation of suffrage association gave them confidence and strength to voice their opinions and rights. Many women’s groups supported the association by taking a lead to help end the suffrage. After years of running the campaign, the first province to give women the right to vote was Manitoba in 1916. The following years, Canada’s other provinces started to award...
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