-the Progress of Science Has Been Detrimental Rather Than Beneficial to Human- Do You Agree?

Topics: Science, Human, In vitro fertilisation Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: June 16, 2010
-The progress of science has been detrimental rather than beneficial to human- Do you agree?

Science has scored many breakthroughs instrumental in extending mortality and making the earth a better place to live in. But there have been alarming trends, such as ‘mad’ scientists eager to go on to the next step-human cloning. Still the benefits science has reaped may be said to outweigh such ill effects of scientific studies. We can see the fruits of scientific enquiry and research all around us. Particularly evident is the astounding progress medical science has made in saving human lives. Heart transplants and bypass surgeries can prolong the lives of those afflicted with heart disease. Research has identified the causes of heart attacks so that we can adopt a preventive strategy to steer clear of the illness. Similarly, certain types of cancer can be treated, giving the patient a new lease of life. The invention of satellites has made it possible for the television programmes to be beamed over a vast area. Millions of Indians living in thousands of remote villages have been brought beneficial programmes on health, family planning, improved agricultural techniques and other subjects as well as news and reports. Other benefits gained from science include the use of earth satellites to monitor weather and food crops. The achievements of science and the good it has done may be clouded somewhat by scientists tinkering with the human reproductive system. In vitro fertilization is a mixed blessing. It brings hope to childness couple unable to conceive while it has made a reality the much feared prospect of test-tube babies decried by past generations. Abortion, which has been made possible by science, is also controversial. It has created unsolvable problems of deciding when a foetus is life and when not. Now scientists are making the claim that carbon copies of a human being can be produced quickly in large quantities. It is possible to make multiple copies of...
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