The Process of Writing an Academic Essay

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The process of writing an academic essay

Academic writing is a formal writing. The main aim of academic writing is to inform and not entertain like creative writing. Both academic writer and academic readers have no time to be entertained but they rush for useful information they are looking for. Academic writing is often described as complex and abstract. Writing is a process and not a one shot act. Writing has different stages from the start to the finish. The process is following. At first, students should understand the meaning of all the key words in an essay question, especially the task words. As task words could direct students how to go about answering a question, understanding the meaning and know exactly what the required about the academic essay. Then,according to students personal expertise ,writing down anything about the topic . University study requires a lot of reading within a limited time, so it is important to be select. Students need to make decisions about what is essential. what is more,There will be times when students need to read an entire article or chapter in detail. At other times students may be looking for specific information relating to an assignment topic and only a couple of pages or even a couple of paragraphs in a text will be useful. Once students locate the parts of a text that are going to be most relevant they may not need to read the rest. And equally important is good note making .It can help students keep a record of they reading and help them locate information. After that ,it is the time to write an essay plan . By many educators prewriting is now considered the most crucial of the stages in the writing process, although it was previously the most neglected.

Next, students maybe move on writing. During the first drafting stage, students’ first goal in drafting is to develop a...
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