The Process of Mongol Invasions of Japan

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The Process of Mongol invasions of Japan

As soon as Koryeo (Korean Dynasty) had succumbed to Mongolia, Kublai Khan sent ambassadors through the Koryeo Dynasty to convey the meaning of friendship in 1268. The Japanese government was encouraged to send a reply, but the Hōjō clan who was shikken(ruler) refused and also didn’t send a reply. Later, the Mongol government sent an envoy many times, but the Japanese rejected the demands of Mongolia. Finally, the war started. There were three invasions of Mongolia. The First invasion was in November 1274, the Mongolian troops first invaded Japan with Koryeo of Kimbanggyeog leading the Korean Dynasty army and Yuan Holdon leading the Mongol army, using 900 vessels ships and 40,000 military soldiers. They started to invade Happo (合浦, Masan) and then Tsushima(对 马) in October 5th. After 9 days, they raided Iquique(壹 岐) and arrived at the Hakata seaport of Kyushu. Finally, they annihilated Hirado (平) · Takashi 户 Do (鹰 岛)and then retreated the next day. There is a claim that they retreated because of a storm, but it wasn’t the season for storms or seasonal typhoons from cyclones. Additionally, the Japanese don’t have the record to support this. It’s common opinion that the Mongol government had the purpose of establishing a country with military action in Japan. The second invasion was in 1281. Koryeo troops led the second invasion. They failed completely because of a typhoon. The defeat was caused by lack of awareness about the Japanese climate of the maritime. There were other reasons. The first reason was stiff resistance from the Japanese Kamakura Shogunate who held the regime at the time. Secondly, Mongolia couldn’t focus on the conquest of Japan because of Mongolian domestic matters. Ultimately, the Mongolians prepared the third conquest, but there was a rebellion in the Song Dynasty. That’s why the invasion was cancelled.

The results of Mongol invasions in Japan

In Mongolia, The...
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