The Process of Evolution by Natural Selection

Topics: Evolution, Genetics, Gene Pages: 3 (643 words) Published: June 3, 2011

Importance in the study of ________in understanding evolution -Biogeography Human birth weight is a classic example of the result of
-Stabilizing Selection
In humans x-linked traits
-Occur on the x chromosome
“Survival of the fittest” may be a misleading phrase to describe the process of evolution by natural selection because -Survival matters less to the natural selection then reproductive success does How can 2 pea plants that have different genotypes for seed color be identical in phenotypes? -½ plants could be homozygous for the dominant allele while the other one could be heterozygous An example of convergent evolution it can be demonstrated that organisms of the 2 groups that converged -Occupy similar environments The origin of all genetic variation is

Y-linked genes include a gene that produces hairy ears. A male with hairy ears should pass this trait -Only to his sons Which statement is not important to Darwin’s theory of natural selection? -Offspring tend to inherit characteristics acquired by their parents during a lifetime Most genes come in alternative forms called -Alleles

Which is not true about Gregor Mendel
-He understood basic concepts about DNA replication
In humans the sex of an offspring is ordinarily determined by the -Sex chromosome carried by the sperm cell Most mosquitoes are resistant to pesticides. Resistance arose because -Some individuals were resistant to the pesticides before they were used and those mosquitoes were most likely to survive and reproduce Natural selection can only act on traits -That are heritable

The impact of a stage gene on move the 1 characteristics is called -Pleiotropy Modern cheetahs are almost always genetically identical. This is bc 10,000 years ago they experienced -A bottleneck Mendel performed his famous experiment on

-Pea plants (garden peas)
What can amniocentesis tell you about a fetus?
-Male or female + for Down syndrome
In many species of birds, males are xx and...
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