The Problems with Obesity Among Primary Student in Hong Kong

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Body mass index Pages: 6 (1963 words) Published: April 17, 2012
The material comforts are over-rich for children nowadays. In recent decades, fast food culture is common in Hong Kong. Besides, most of the children using their free time to watch television or play computer games rather than doing some physical exercise. As a result, the problem of obesity amount the children especially primary students in Hong Kong become seriously.

Following the research which took by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, there are 4.7% of the Hong Kong children aged 5-17 were obese, using the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) . In 2004, there are 18.7% of primary students, much higher that the world’s children at the same aged (CUHK ¶1-4).

This paper will investigate the causes and effects for the problem of obesity among primary students in Hong Kong, and give some long-term effective solutes.

The Causes of Obesity
By Kwan John Kierwin Mercado
The amount of fat tissues accumulated compare with the body mass was higher than 30 % or overweight due to the energy intake is referred to obesity. The main reason of obesity is the amount exceeded the average range of body.

The main causes of obesity are too much calories intake but low general activity level (Jennifer. R. S. ¶6-11). Calories are the unit of energy, human needs energy to maintain the metabolism rate. The exercise energy will turn to fat tissues and accumulate in our body. General activity level is simply referred to exercise, high activity level means more energy can be burned; meanwhile, low activity level means burn less of energy. Therefore if we eat food contains high calories and do less exercise, we might suffer from obesity since body fat accumulated continuously. I am worrying about the problem of childhood obesity in Hong Kong since the percentage of children (age group 6-12) who get obese has increased rapidly. These children hate doing exercise but love eating snacks, then it will make fat tissues increase from the heat of the snacks while do not have enough exercise to burn it. Lastly, I hope that those children’s parents can find out that their kids have getting problem of obesity and it is a warning of bad health. So those kids’ parents will ask their kids to do more exercise and eat fewer snacks and getting balance nutrition in order to keep health dieting.

Health Problems of Obesity
By Chan Wing Yan
The effect of childhood obesity, not only for the shape of the body, but also increase risk for suffer from many disease and causes the metal problems , such as diabetes, disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, low self- esteem…etc(Arthur Schoenstadt ¶ 1). In Hong Kong, the percentage of childhood obesity also increase rapidly.

A typical case for most Hong Kong children, an 8 years old boy who love to eat snacks and soft drinks, also, he do physical exercise hardly. The BMI for him is over that 20 which is much higher than the average that his age, His back of neck and the underarm skin was black in color, he is suffer from diabetes actually.

It is no longer be true that children will not be suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, heart disease even cancer, in Hong Kong ,they are many cases for children got those diseases causes by childhood obesity. It is danger for them since they are in budding state, it may cause the disorder for hormone secretion and affect the rate for grew up for them, also, they may lose confidence due to discrimination by the classmate. To improve the problem of childhood obesity, we must fact to it as soon as possible and popularize the information about what actual health means for the children and how to achieve the average range of BMI.

What is BMI?
By Chan Ka Man
BMI stand for Body Mass Index. It is a calculated value for statistical purposes. The equation for BMI calculation is (BMI = W / H2).Which mean BMI equal the weight divided by height time height. The unit of weight used in the BMI test is kilo gram and the unit of height...
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