The Problems Which Cities and City Dwellers Have and the Solutions.

Topics: City, Urban area, Village Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Today,the more the cities are developed,the bigger problems which the cities have are.In addition,citizens suffer from issues that is related to city's development. Now,we have to consider that problems. The following is some problems and solutions that we can implement. To begin with,one of the biggest problems is over population which accounts for some serious problems such as a lack of space of housing,unemployment,traffic congestion,and air pollution. In the past,our lifestyle is different from now. A primary and secondary industry are major and thus it is not always important to live an urban area because we can earn money to work in such industries. At present,however,especially in developed country,a tertiary industry occupies mainly among three industries and then the workplace is concentrated in cities so many people tend to live in cities and prefer to do so in order to get better jobs compared with a rural area. This phenomenon can trigger over population which cause several crucial problems. That is why the government should consider this matter seriously and attempt to increase a chance to get jobs which can be satisfied with citizens. The another issue is stress which city dwellers have. This problem is more severe than in out of cities. One of the causes is anonymity which city's environment has. For instance,inhabitants who settle in a village know each other as if they were a big family. In that case,we can share the problems easily and there is a lot of opportunities to talk to anyone so that we may not feel lonely and are able to enhance our good mental health. By contrast,in cities,for example in an apartment,sometimes we don't know even the name of a neighbor who lives next to our rooms because of anonymity. In addition,our societies are stressful and stress can cause depression. If we contract depression,it is a damage for not only us but also society's development. Therefore,we try to relieve our stress by ourselves for the sake of...
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